Tiklas Falls one of the most amazing place in our city

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Tiklas falls is one of our tourist spot.. Tiklas is one of my favorite place when we go outing with my friends. Its not so far from our city.
Tiklas Falls is 120 ft. high with an oval pool with a diameter of more than 30 meters with some deep portions reaching 60 feet.

Tiklas is 13 kilometers from the city proper/poblacion on the concrete Bal-ason-Hindangon farm to market road. The jump off point is at the Balantian Bridge where vehicles can be parked and a wide 300 meter trail leads to the waterfalls and the swimming pools being developed by the local government of Gingoog. The development is still going on with the improvement of the pools and the construction of the cottages and other facilities.

i just got this video from youtube upload by rydols

The beautiful falls like a bridal flowing headdress has been made centerpiece of the province’s brochures, posters and streamers/tarpaulins. This paradise philippines falls is one of the three cascades on the same stream; 500 meters below stream is Kilubag falls and still downstream over 20 meters is another falls, the Bangbang or Gantangon falls.

One of the city bands

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The Vacancy Band, I don't have any idea about this band. I just saw this in friendster. The band have 5 members, their members are Rexie Reyes (Lead Guitars), Rey Paulo Guangco (Rhythm Guitars/Vocals), Ryo Yamashita (Vocals), Rey Marvi Salazar (Bass), Kimboy Credo (Drums) and Roscelle Jhoyce Minoza (Manager).
I just copy this form their friendster.

A Group of five highschool students from the City of Gingoog, which involve theirselves in the industry of music.
Four of the members were all studying at Christ the King College (CKC) including the manager.
The Drummer on the other hand is currently studying at Gingoog City Junior College (GCJC).
Though not being in the same school, The Vacancy can still jam together in school gigs and other affairs in and out of town.
Like what other bands desire, The Vacancy also wants to achieve great fame in Music Industry and be well-known to everyone, hopefully in God's Will at right time. At present, Our primary focus is ofcourse on our studies 'cause nothing compares to a well-oriented person.

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Saturday and Friday's Nightlife

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Hi Good Evening.. I just want to share my nightlife here in our city, Here in our city we don't have so many leisure's every night! But every saturday and friday nights we have "Pahayahay Sa Pantalan City Bay CafĂ©" live band and serve food and barbecues and local delicacies with the appropriate drinks to satisfy one’s thirst where located in our seaport .. last year i always go there and chilling out with my cousins. I remember we always joking and we dance so funny ! lolx ^^ And drink alcoholic drink "redhorse" until we got drunk. The show end until 12 in midnight, but i don't know if it's still operating .

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